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The Last Cell on the Right

The 'Unreachables' Ward

Elisabeth H
27 April 1967
As I am -not- an artist in the drawing or illustration sense, and I want to make sure that anyone who looks will know the origin of a particular piece, it is necessary to offer art credits for the works within my journal.

Personal Icons
- 'Zenmai-chan', copyright Marumi Yamamoto, 2000
- http://www.linkclub.or.jp/~minakami/

- Profile icon copyright Sue-chan, 2003
- http://www.suechan.com

- Cabbit Icon(s), artist unknown
- If you know whos work they are, please tell me so they can be credited properly.

- 'Work To Do' icon is cover artwork for Ronnie James Dio's Angry Machines release.

- 'Annoying' icon is a cell clipping from Scott Adams' Dilbert comic strip.

- 'RO' dancing icon is multi-cell gif of the Dancer character class from Gravity's Ragnarok Online.

Most of the rest are unidentified. If someone knows the origin of one of the unmarked ones, please pass word to me. Thanks. :)

Please support these wonderful artists as they pursue stylistic perfection.

Thank you,
- Elisabeth
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